Braiseryy spices it, herbs it, grills it, dices it, and now you can too! If you’re looking to join the Braiseryy family, you’ve come to the right place. You can rest easy knowing everyone will always be hungry for your business, literally! It’s all about our chicken. We believe in cooking our chicken, not in cooking away our taste.

Many consumers are looking for healthier, nutritious options without all the time spent waiting. Braiseryy has been doing such a thing since it was just an idea in one person’s mind. We also believe that eating healthy food doesn’t means eating tasteless or boring food. Braiseryy promises a great taste with every bite from our fantastic selection of menu items for the busy, active individual and families.

For any business to succeed, preparation and information are critical factors. At Braiseryy, we offer time with each and every franchisee to provide the quality support that is one of a kind. The dedication to you begins the moment you decide to fill out a franchise application form. You already know your store will be a success and we’ll see to it happening after you’ve completed our approval process. It may be rigorous, but we see to it that only quality goes side by side with Braiseryy as a company.

We’ll see to providing hands-on support with promotion and developing our brand. You’ll receive extensive marketing training in an easy to grasp manual and assistance in executing an opening advertising strategy and seasonal campaigns. You’ll even see us from time to timewith our field reps (You’ll miss us too much, if not!) to offer suggestions, answer questions, consult, and provide continous support. From even before you open your store’s door, we’ll be there to provide hands-on support with an extensive training program for all franchisees to ensure that when your do open, you’re prepared and full of comfortable confidence.

During the training, we teach you what it takes to operate an efficient Braiseryy store to make the most of your success. Everything from the grilling and seasoning of our chicken, to behind the scenes work management control systems, scheduling, and aid in training your new staff members.